Interior Design Services

Do you ever feel like your home doesn’t reflect your family’s personality? That it does not make life easier on a daily basis? That you can never find what you want? You’re not alone!

Even if you know what your style is, it is often challenging to create that while maintaining functionality to make your daily life easier. Not to mention most people don’t have an unlimited budget to address both! Again, you’re not alone! Sometimes it just takes another set of eyes and ideas.

It can be intimidating and expensive to hire a professional. That applies to any service you may need. Consider another option. Liz Ennis has 16 years of experience as a buyer and merchandiser for Eclectic Furniture and Design, where shoppers could always find the unique yet functional furniture and accessories for your home. She also has over 10 years of relationships with clients in assisting them with their growing and changing needs for the home or office. Her unique sense of style and innate ability to tap into a client’s personality enables her to create any style. Her passion is working with client’s existing furniture and accessories.

You can see examples of her work HERE.