Custom Painting

Do you own furniture that functions well but doesn’t quite fit your style? Have you inherited any pieces that have more meaning than they do appeal? You’re not alone.

Eclectic Fad has 16 years of converting old into new…ugly to pretty…out-dated to retro. Most of us have furniture that fits into one of those categories. Why not transform instead of replace? Most “new” furniture is built inferior to the solid wood, tongue-and-groove construction of our childhood furniture and that before. Not to mention that most new furniture is expensive!

It’s as simple as texting or emailing photos of your “ugly duckling” pieces to us.  Eclectic FAD employs experienced furniture painters and artists to create any style! Liz has photos of hundreds of transformations to help you decide what look would work best for you. Quotes are free and quick. Contact us today!


Current furniture inventory can be found HERE!